Created by Neha Oberoi in 2010, NAO is a luxury apparel brand that reflects the designer's personal experience living in Asian countries after growing up in the US. The collection combines staples of the Asian aesthetic--vibrant colors, elegant draping--with classic cut and forms. The delicately crafted designs subsume glamorous ideals in effortlessly wearable pieces.

NAO originated with an idea to create a ‘zip sari’ appropriate for a very special celebration but versatile enough to pull out of one’s closet again and again. Each piece is designed with this intention. The choice of unique Italian fabrics and fine silk jerseys help capture a bold design aesthetic and inspiration from a global lifestyle. 

While previously based in New York, Neha cultivated her passion for luxury and design by working for corporate groups at Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta. From New York, Neha moved to Beijing where she developed her design and draping skills. Thereafter, she moved to Singapore and joined a business development team at LVMH in Singapore before launching NAO in 2010.

Neha continues to develop her spirited vision, designing for ambitious, fashion-inclined, global women who desire glamorous and effortless clothing. The collection has been featured in Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Tatler and Female.